Thank you letter from our Scholarship Winner

Posted on September 26, 2017

Dear Dr. Dirige,

I am beyond thankful and honored to be selected as the recipient of the Riz Oades Memorial Scholarship . Looking back, I have never expected to be where I am right now. I still remember when I had to stop going to school for a year because as an immigrant, I was very unfamiliar and lost with the educational system of the United States, and even more, with the language itself, but now, not only have I achieved many academic awards, I have also been awarded with a prestigious scholarship that would allow me to complete my education independently. This scholarship really means a lot because it will help me ease my worries about every semester’s tuition, moreover open up opportunities by allowing me to focus more on my studies and in gaining experiences related to the field that I have chosen, biology.

I chose biology because I knew how passionate and deeply interested I am in all of its specific fields such as genetics, microbiology, molecular and cell, and not just parts of it. I knew that by being a biology major, I am not limited with what I can do or study. Biology, with all of the medical advances happening right now, I can almost endlessly develop, both personally and professionally. Wanting to become a biology major, I knew from the very beginning that SDSU is the right school for me. SDSU is well known for its strong academic reputation, but more importantly, what drew me here are the passionate and well-experienced professors who see their students more than just a group of people, but as individuals who have the potential to excel in their respective fields given the right resources and guidance.

Upon the completion of my degree, May 2018 as I have specifically planned, I will pursue a career in research, particularly at the San Diego County Public Health. It has always been my goal to serve and reach out to a broader and more diverse community, while at the same time doing the thing that I like the most. Again, thank you so much for this chance and the trust that you have given me. Rest assure that I will give my best so as not to waste this opportunity and to make you proud.

Marinela Elane