Research is one of our core values.  Kalusugan has a long history of publishing books and articles and continues today.  We also have many collaborative partners, many of whom provide resources aligned with our mission.  See below for some of the published materials available today.

a. Riz A. Oades, Beyond the Mask- Untold Stories of U.S. Navy Filipinos. 2005.KCS Publishing, National City, CA    $20/copy.

b. Ofelia V. Dirige, Riz A. Oades, Aurora Cudal and Virginia Claudio. Global Filipino Cuisine: Healthy Recipes. Revised Edition of 100 Modified Recipes. 2012. KCS Publishing and Valmar Graphics, National City, CA. $20/copy.

c. Kelly Medina. Introduction by Riz A. Oades. The Essential Medina. Father of Philippine Atomic Energy. 2006. KCS PUblishing, National  City, CA. $15/copy.

d. Ofelia Dirige and Riz A. Oades. Filipino American Nutrition and Fitness Guides for Parents, Teachers, Elementary School Children,Middle School Teachers, Restaurant Owners and Food Service Supervisors in School Lunch Programs. 1995. Banayo & Sons Printing,Chula Vista,CA. Donation requested.


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