K+K continues the comprehensive program that was developed at the FWC with the main components of Community Service and Education, Advocacy, Research, and Training. Community services include: information dissemination through the website, newsletter, Center library, articles in the local ethnic media, and health fairs; blood pressure screening and referral; nutrition seminars and chef demonstrations; physical activities, i.e., aerobics, line dancing, and Tai Chi; community health education workshops, youth leadership development seminars; and intergenerational art and cultural  activities.

The above programs were integrated into one comprehensive program: “Total Wellness: Ganap Na Kalakasan, blending together the eight aspects of wellness mentioned in its mission statement. This includes dissemination of health/social information through various channels, chef demonstrations and physical activities, individual counseling, field trips to restaurants and supermarkets, participation in walkathons, networking, learning how to access health care resources, and in combining art/cultural and wellness activities. The wellness program is based on the “Healthy Heart, Healthy Families” program to reduce heart disease and stroke funded by the Alliance for FilAm Community Health Workers and the HEAL Campaign, and FilAmFest for the art program.

Staff collaborates with San Diego State University (SDSU), University of California San Diego (UCSD), National University and community organizations such as Operation Samahan to conduct research on effective community interventions to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, the major killers of FilAms.

K+K provides community service hours for high school students and field work training or internships for college and university students; advocates for the needs and concerns of the FilAm population through media, collaboration with various groups, and community involvement; and fosters coalitions, networks, and grassroots efforts concerned with health and political empowerment with the objective of influencing policy and legislation.