Join Kalusugan + Kalakasan as a member!  Read below to learn more about what being a member means and then fill out the form below.

Membership will also be open to any individual, male or female of any age or ethnicity or community organizations that support the mission of Kalusugan in helping  Filipino Americans and other underserved group find the path to good health and total wellness. As a member, you are allowed to freely participate in the programs of the organizations and make suggestions to improve aspects of those programs.

  1. Benefits of Membership: As members, the following are the privileges of members:
  • Discounts for attending paid K+K events such as workshops, special events, anniversaries, fundraising events, and others.
  • Discounts in purchasing published books of K+K such as the “Global Filipino Cuisine”, ‘Beyond the Mask,” “Essential Medina”, and others.
  • Free educational materials on Health & social issues, history, art & culture.
  • Current updates on issues through the newsletter and emails.
  • Participation in raffles and give-aways.
  • Meeting and net working with other individuals and groups.
  • Opportunity to volunteer for some worthwhile projects for the community.
  1. Membership Activities
  • Volunteering: Willingness to devote some time and energy in helping the organization in its activities and programs.
  • Advocating: Being a good role model and disseminating a positive image of the organization so more individuals will know and support it.
  • Networking and Sharing: Willingness to get to know others, working with them in project activities and programs and sharing the experience with other people.
  1. Terms of Membership
  • There is a minimum of one year for membership and may be renewed annually. Membership is free during the first year but donations are encouraged.
  • Fees may be assessed subsequently depending upon the Board of Director’s decision.

How to Apply:

Fill out the form below.  After filling out the membership form, you will be contacted by a committee member.