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By submitting the above volunteer form, you agree to the following below:

  • I understand my volunteer schedule and realize that KKCHW is depending on my services. If for a serious reason, I cannot keep my commitment, I will notify my supervisor.
  • I agree and understand that any work I perform within the scope of this agreement will be provided on a voluntary basis, and that I do not expect payment or other compensation for performing such work. I also understand that a volunteer does not constitute an employee- employer relationship with KKCHW and that I serve at the discretion of the President or Vice-President.
  • I know that any volunteer work to be performed is outside any regular job and is separate from any paid work responsibility.
  • I agree not to divulge any information regarding persons who are receiving services or other assistance from the County or otherwise involved in my volunteer activities. I recognize that unauthorized release of confidential information may make me subject to criminal action.